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that you're here with me.

My name is Kelly A Curtis and I am an Intuitive, Life Coach, Paranormal Investigator and Artist. 
I have been on this journey my entire life as my intuitive gifts have always been present, connecting me with departed souls, guides, and angels. 
This ability has developed into seeing divine energy fields in my environment which are tools that I use to communicate with my guides and connect with my clients.
Kelly A Curts & The Soul United

When I wasn’t developing my intuitive gifts, I was working and getting an education.  Business management catered to my skills, and I spent years managing other people’s dreams.  I’m organized, a natural leader, and love training and educating a team.  I also earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and later went through a master’s program for mental health counseling.  Helping and being of service to others is my true purpose in life and this education has given me the know how to understand the brain, what makes people tick, human behavior, and a variety of other areas pertaining to the human condition.  However, there was a disconnect there for me, as I loved seeing people change their lives for the better, but I HATED entering into a client partnership with the assumption that someone needed to be “fixed” and labeled with a diagnosis.  This imbalance of power in the partnership suggested that I was the expert in someone else’s life, when I know that all of the answers actually live within YOU, not me. 


I knew that I was destined to be of service to others, but I got lost in the day to day.  Eventually, and not too long ago, I woke up one morning and didn’t recognize my life.  I was in a job that was completely chaotic and in a relationship that was sucking the life out of me.  I had no time or energy to do anything for myself because I was so invested in my routine of disorder.  It became normal and it was affecting my health in a serious way.  The stress aggravated a genetic disorder I live with and one day I couldn’t physically walk.  I literally fell down when I tried to get out of bed.  This is what Stress Rock Bottom looks like.  My body was boycotting my lifestyle and I was finally listening loud and clear.


So what did I do?  I quit.  The job and the guy.  I didn’t know that the next chapter was, but I knew that I couldn’t go forward in my life with either one of them.  And let me tell you, it was scary as hell!  Not knowing what the plan was or where money was going to come from.   I have a mortgage, student loans, and obligations.  Regardless, I knew my soul needed a leap of faith.  And when I did, let me tell you, I transformed.  I reconnected with my soul and it was magical.  It wasn't until I reconnected with my soul that I saw my path unfolding before me.  I saw my life unfolding before me for the first time. Everything became clear, and easier, and less stressful.  Yes, LESS stressful.  I can assure you that this version of myself, connected with my soul but sitting in the unknown, is FAR less stressed out than the disconnected version of myself who had a steady paycheck.  Now, I'm not necessarily telling you to go out and quit your job and get a divorce.  I'm just saying that the key is soul connection and I couldn't have gotten there without taking that leap.


Now, I’ve made it my passion to share my journey with others and help guide them to a place of self-acceptance, empowerment, and truth, all through connecting with the soul.  I became a certified life coach through the Life Purpose Institute and Glow Coach Training, and have studied with the inspiring Kelly Atwood, Alyson Wagner, Joe Nicols, and Lauren Johnston, to name a few, developing my coaching skills and intuitive gifts.  I am also the Mentor of Intuition of the Inner Glow Circle, helping women utilize their intuition in the real world, while evolving my art so that I can share the impact of intentional energy.


And I am here to help you.  I have seen magic unfolding in my life.  My relationships growing stronger.  The symptoms of life falling away.  And let me tell you, I am inspired to share my understanding and show you how to create magic in your own life.  Anything is possible when you connect with your soul and I’m stoked to show you how.

Angel Channel

Certified Intuitive Coach

Independent Artist

Mentor of Intuition at Inner Glow Circle

Shaman, Clairvoyant, & Lightworker

Co-Founder of Texas's 1st Female Paranormal Team

If connecting with the soul were easy, or obvious, we all would be doing it.  
I will cheer you on, light the path, and fan your beautiful flames!  I got you!