Archangel Archetype
My original ARCHANGEL ARCHETYPE ASSESSMENT will get you connected 
with your personal guardian angel in a
single, 30 minute, one-on-one call.

Ever wonder who that is standing over your shoulder, guiding you through life?

What if there was a way to start a dialogue with your own “insider” so that you radically transform your ability to snatch up those life changing opportunities the moment they show themselves?  Would you want to know how?



In this one-on-one assessment, you will:

  • Bridge the gap causing those missed opportunities to not just cast a vibrational net of desire, but to actually attract good fortune back to you 

  • Secure a direct line to get life’s questions answered clearly instead of sitting around worrying about something all day, or week, or month

  • Gain awareness of what makes you tick on a soul level, which breaks up old habits, self deprecating dialogue, and fruitless memories that aren't serving you anymore

  • Explore your own behavior in light of Archangel Archetypes, unlocking the opportunity to take a breath, check-in with what's happening, and choose what you want out of any given situation

  • Acquire powerful tools to spark individual creativity and inspired thought, shaping high-vibe habits that cause toxic relationships, situations, and paths to just fall away and disappear

  • Have insight into the lessons and challenges along YOUR journey so you can take direct action in shaping your reality and your future

  • Hear my personal story about when my archangel finally slapped me across the face, bringing me to my knees and changing my life forever

  • Complete your very own Archangel Archetype Assessment so you can discover your specific Archangel Archetype and have the opportunity to discuss what that means for you in creating the life of your dreams



Are you ready to feel confident taking that leap of faith in your life?


Are you ready to feel unconditionally supported and guided towards your soul’s deepest desires?


Are you ready to not just dream about an awesome life, but actually call it in and make it your reality?


Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been getting to know the archangels as individuals. I didn’t realize I was doing back in the day, but I was cataloging their personalities, their behaviors, their signals, when and how they showed up… which was the start of the Archangel Archetype Assessment.


Today, I created this specific tool to help my clients get in touch with their specific guardian angel because sometimes the pieces of the puzzle don’t seem to fit until you realize who it is who’s been guiding you all this time. Each Archangel has a particular communication style, so knowing how to listen and receive their guidance is often the missing piece keeping people from their best life. 




Life changing moment

Crossroads opportunity

Step towards your purpose

Insight into your highest self

Manifestation that comes to fruition

all begin with this relationship with your archangel. 



How much easier would life be if you knew who it was you were communicating with, learning what language they use so you can get that dialogue going?


There’s nothing that can give you quite this type of leverage in creating the life you want, because life is a co-creation experience.  Actually getting to know who it is you’re co-creating with not only unlocks your ability to make your desires a reality, but it can also give you the comfort that comes along with knowing somebody’s always got your back.


Just take a second to think about the life you could design if you were BFFs with an all-knowing, all-loving life coach that could see beyond space and time. That’s exactly what your Archangel wants to help you create. 


If you’re ready to change the way you look at how you create your life,

CLICK HERE to book your Archangel Archetype Assessment for just $99.

Have you ever looked at someone’s life and wondered why they always seem so lucky, so blessed?


Like they have some insider info that you don’t, steering them towards the right decisions and actions, leaving you wondering what it is you’re missing?

"Holy f*&#ing sh!%balls. You MUSSSSST have an Archangel Assessment with Kelly Curtis. I cannot even express to you the level of magic and confirmation and information that came through, affirming SO MUCH of the guidance and messages I've been getting. I have no words. This was seriously so magical." - Heather Allison
"Mind.... Blown. So insightful and healing. The results resonate on so many levels and I'm goigng to implement the results as part of my own healing journey." - Teddy Noel
"OMG, working with Zadkiel already made a difference for me. I struggle a lot with the impact of the transformation work I do. A lot of times the awareness seems to come at me too fast and too hard. I was just given a lot of awareness without having to be inside it, so no struggle. It was amazing. Did not need any recovery time. That is basically unheard of in this work because it's so intense. Thank you, Kelly!!!" - Darlene Smoker
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