Kelly A Curtis, The Soul United
These one-of-a-kind CARD READINGS combine cards and coaching so you know exactly what to do with the guidance your spirit guides are sharing with you. 

60 minutes of

spiritual guidance

Traditional card readings can be awesome, for sure. They can unlock unparalleled insight, support, and confirmation right there at your fingertips.


However, they can also leave you with a big, fat question mark about what exactly to DO with that information. 

How much better could your reading be if you had the opportunity to talk about what it all means for you moving forward?

My unique style of reading cards not only taps into a direct line with your spirit guides, getting you the type of guidance that you can expect with a card reading, but also gives you the opportunity to talk about the information that comes through and how to apply it all to your life specifically. 





In this one-on-one card reading, we will:

  • Talk about what guidance you're looking for so we can get direct answers from your spirit guides about all your burning questions. 

  • Consult the cards with my favorite, 3 card spread which gives us straight-to-the-point guidance. No tip-toeing around here. 

  • Explore what this guidance means for YOU in YOUR life at THIS moment in time, so you can make the most of the info being shared by your spirit guides and put it to work.

  • Peel back the layers that are uncovered as we go, so we can dive in deeper and deeper with your reading and clean up any loose ends and unanswered questions.

  • Communicate with your spirit guides and confirm a deeper sense of who you are and where you're headed in life, love, and career.

  • Create curiosity and excitement around those "Why me?" and "What did I do wrong?" questions so you can move through them confidently and supported.

  • Build a lasting relationship with your spirit guides so you can get the guidance you're looking for not only on the call, but moving forward in your day-to-day life. 



Are you ready to get the confirmation about your life and your purpose that you've been searching for?


Are you ready to let go of what's weighing you down and feel excited about what lies ahead?


Are you ready to not just dream about an awesome life, but get clear answers on how to make it all happen for you?


This is no ordinary card reading, folks. If you're looking to not just receive info from the other side, but take it to the next level and figure out how to apply it all while taking your life, strengths, and situation into consideration, you're in the right place.

My unique combination of a mental health education, life coach training, and natural-born intuitive skills all join forces in my card readings, taking your level of guidance to a whole new level.


If you’re ready to unlock the secrets to your life,

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"In working with Kelly, I was amazed by her fortitude, honesty and intuition. She went right into the areas where I was struggling and provided so much clarity in such a short time. She's loving, caring and charismatic, which makes her easy to be with and learn from. She's also honest and REAL, never sugarcoating what she sees or feels, but always sharing it with love --- and laughter too! She goes deep but keeps it light, a powerful gift. Working with Kelly brought me so much light and love, and I am so grateful for her powerful voice and intuition!"
     - Katie DePaola
"I really enjoy working with Kelly.  She helped me process and figure out the priorities in my business AND personal life.  As a result, I now know where to put my attention with the areas that are important to me, specifically that can generate more income and that I am taking better personal care of myself by doing the things that nurture me and my mindset.
Kelly is a great listener and has some great insights and gives feedback in a positive way that made me feel less overwhelmed and more hopeful."

    - Lauren Johnston

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