The Intuitionship Collective weaves a whole new level of awareness.

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The group dynamic of the Collective opens the doors for the deeper insight that comes with Intuitive Weaving.

Next Collective starts

November 26th!!

The Intuitionship Collective is a 5 month, group journey into deep, individual intuitive awareness and a thorough how-do-you-do with your Spirit Team.


The Intuitionship Collective is arguably the biggest value as it gives you everything in the Self-Study option (details HERE), with the addition of two monthly group calls for the Collective where we deepen the understanding of each module, play with intuitive practice, and give space for the deep confirmations that comes along with shared insight.


You also will receive two 1:1 calls with Kelly - one held at any time through your Intuitionship to broaden a module’s theme and the other at the end to go over your personal Intuitive Blueprint (details HERE).
The Collective option is designed for those who want the flexibility of the Self-Study Intuitionship but also want some personalized guidance along the way. There is a level of confirmation that can only happen when we weave our experiences together in community and that magic is inevitable throughout the Collective experience.


WE START ON NOVEMBER 26TH! Now’s the time to get some accountability, acknowledgement, and a safe container to try on your new intuitive skills with the type of community validation that can be missing in day-to-day life.
The Intuitionship Collective Includes:
  • A new Intuitionship video to take you through the module content, any associated assessments, and what your results mean about you and your intuitive identity.
  • A guided visualization with each module, recorded by Kelly to take your new discovery, embody it, and deepen your intuitive understanding.
  • A bonus email with a card spread geared to put your insight into action, allowing you to flex your intuitive muscle and mastery.
  • Two monthly group calls to try on your new intuitive understanding, flex that intuitive muscle, and weave with the Collective.
  • A recording of each group call to deepen your understanding whenever you need.
  • Two 1:1 calls with Kelly to personalize your experience get personalized guidance.
  • Access to the Intuitionship Community on Facebook to get support throughout your entire journey.
The Intuitionship Collective is:

To check out the details of all 10 Intuitionship modules, CLICK HERE


a simple one-time payment of $999,

or 5 monthly payments of $199.80

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