Soul Identity. Intuitive Training. Spirit Team Communication.

5 Months. 10 modules.

2 options:

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your Unique intuition and 

discover exactly how it communicates with you, loud and clear.


It’s a 5 month coaching and intuitive training program designed to lead you through soulful self-discovery and intuitive understanding.

Knowing exactly how your intuition and your Spirit Team communicates on your unique channel makes tough decisions easier, relationships richer, and life more meaningful all around.

There are 2 ways to experience your Intuitionship Journey

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What do both Intuitionships have in common?

Each Intuitionship will allow you to uncover:

  • Your soul's age, where your karmic debt is living, and how these variables show up in your life and your energetic body

  • What combination of gifts make up your personal intuitive style and how to put them to use in all areas of your life with 100% trust

  • Who, exactly, is on your Spirit Team and how to put them to work for you, lightening your load and answering life's toughest questions

  • The subtle ways your intuition and your Team are communicating with you and how to discern between those high vibe voices and the internal chatter of the mind

  • How to release and heal where you personally need it so you can move forward more tuned into yourself and your Team, giving you all the tools you need to live your very best life

Here's how we'll dive in:

Together we will explore, over 5 months, ten different pieces to your intuitive puzzle, giving you the big picture of how those pieces fit together and influence your ability to tune in clearly and intentionally.


Here's the breakdown of all ten modules of your Intuitionship: 



As you can see, each module includes a guided visualization tailored to allow you to embody the information an insight of each topic and give you a library of support you can access whenever you need moving forward.

The first half of your Intuitionship will focus in on you: your soul, your journey, your channel.

While the second half of the Intuitionship focuses outward to your Team: how they communicate, their roles, their identities.

You also get to take FOUR of my one-of-a-kind assessments created to give you actual answers to some of life's biggest questions.



Together, all of this paints a complete picture of how your unique channel and how your intuition is tuned in, giving you a full snapshot of your INTUITIVE BLUEPRINT.

When you complete your Intuitionship, you will walk away with your very own INTUITIVE BLUEPRINT created personally for you with all of the discoveries you uncovered along the way!

Everyone who completes an Intuitionship will receive the gift of their very own Intuitive Blueprint like THIS! 

Sometimes the big picture is best digested when it's viewed as just that: one big picture.

At the end of your Intuitionship, you will leave with your very own INTUITIVE BLUEPRINT, personally designed for you by Kelly so you can have all of your customized tips, practices, and insights that go along with your specific intuitive & soul identity all in one place. This way, you can witness each part of the puzzle with new eyes & understanding, while keeping everything in order.

"I want you to leave your Intuitionship with a meat-and-potatoes, real, tangible understanding of how your intuition communicates with you. And I want you to be able to see how each moving part relates to and informs the next, giving you a clear, digestible picture of your identity on a spiritual level,which is the only thing actually required to be your own psychic. That's why I created the Intuitionship and especially the Intuitive Blueprint."


                                                       - Kelly

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