There is a full-on, one-of-a-kind individual inside you waiting to be unleashed. Let’s let her out to play!

4 Month Private ntuitive Identity Coaching

to give you the guts to be you.

You KNOW you’re special and not just because your mom says so...

///My dentity-focused program offers 4 months of wildly intuitive, entirely grounded self-exploration deep dive for anyone who woke up this morning thinking, “Who the #&*% am I?”

You can no longer ignore that side of yourself you’ve packed away and put up on a shelf because she doesn’t seem to fit into the puzzle.


You want to put your passions on the table and finally share yourself with the world in a meaningful, real, badass way.


You’re ready to understand yourself, like REALLY understand yourself on a deep-down, I-am-made-up-of-stars level, allowing you to become your own magic making fortune teller.  


You struggle being a sheep in life, and dream about telling the world “no”

///BUT when the reality of day-to-day life comes in, you don’t know how to make all of that badassery happen.


Feel connected with yourself before anyone else and the world will have no choice follow suit, even when you want to tell everyone to GO AWAY!


Have the power to raise your vibe and your voice, whenever YOU say, no matter what scumbag is catcalling you or dive bar you’ve strolled into


Connect with the energy you know is around you, screaming to get your attention 


Get confirmation about who you are so you can show up in the world LEADING with your own distinctive flavor  


TRUST in your intuition and feel CONFIDENT about the decisions you make as a result


Replicate those moments when you feel like your impact reaches the ends of the earth


Tell the difference between the ramblings of your mind and a deeper seated sense of you KNOWING what’s best for you


Let go of the past, or past lives even, without pretending like none of it ever happened so you can move the hell on


How to even start feeling yourself on this type of journey when there’s SO MANY ways to go about it, so many distractions in life, and so many comforts in just conforming


Make sense of who you are so you can steal your own show


///You know you want to.











You ready to be your own hero?


I created this program for the woman who doesn’t need rescuing, she just needs some encouragement to go ahead, strike the match, and blaze that fucking trail!  


Life’s not about living the same, cookie cutter existence as everyone else on the planet. It’s about ripping back the curtain to expose the wizard behind it.  


My Hello, Badass! program combines coaching with intuitive guidance for some soul searching unlike any other. Pulling from my intuitive abilities, my life coach training, and my education in psychology and mental health counseling, together we can dive right into the deep end of what it means to be YOU.


When you can leverage your uniqueness and show up in the world intentionally inviting all sides of yourself to the party, you’re finally going to feel like you’re living. That’s what I call alignment, folks.

/// Trust me, I've been there...

Rewind just a short while ago and I was in this jaded, frustrated, and triggered place that left me feeling rusty, unfulfilled, and unmotivated. Talk about dull. I had NO CLUE why my own life suddenly seemed unfamiliar, but I was DETERMINED to push the reset button, embrace…no SHOW OFF my complexities, and put myself out there in the damn spotlight.


/// I was DONE dimming my light because it was "too bright" for some people to handle.


So, I set out on a journey.  It was kind of a short trip because it ended with me, but even the shortest trip can have a ton of depth.  I discovered:

How being true to myself resonated more with others than this idea of how I thought I SHOULD appear


The power that exists in the PRESENT MOMENT when I stopped seeing my life as Dullsville


Specific tools that I could turn to when my vibe needed a kick in the pants, getting me back to a mindset that would do most of life’s heavy lifting FOR me


The magic that happens when I gave a voice to my inner rebel, giving me the confidence to live my own life in a world designed to make me doubt myself


That when I am living my life as no one else can, everything I’ve been waiting for is there for me to snatch up


That my intuition and the Universe are designed to cheer me on - whatever that me may be


How to harness my own creativity to give me wings bigger than the ones on my maxi pad or in my energy drink


Ways to access my own fortune telling capabilities so I could navigate the world without wanting to punch anyone in the face


How to let go of my baggage so I could get on with life already


/// In Hello, Badass!, I will share all of the tips, tricks, and skills I have learned along the way to help you get curious and excited about YOU.

/// Hello, Badass! includes...

- An original welcome packet that will help us get a clear picture of where you're at and where you want to go, so we can clear a pathway to give all sides of yourself a seat at the boardroom table in your head. 


- 12, hour-long coaching sessions (3 weeks of the month for 4 months) along with text and email support during our time apart.  This is where we take things head on and transform your relationship with yourself and the world around you.


- 4, hour-long spiritual guidance sessions (once a month for 4 months) to deepen your connection with your spirit guides AND your true identity.  These sessions can include:


An Archangel Archetype Assessment

A spirit guide meet-and-greet

Past life guided visualizations

Chakra and aura energy clearing

Angel card readings

Future self guided visualizations

Dream Interpretation

Cord cutting assistance


- My very-own Hello, Badass! Guidebook, a week-by-week guide sent directly to your inbox that includes all of those tips, tricks, and insights I've ben talking about.  The Soul Guide's weekly modules include worksheets, activities, experiments, and exercises covering (but not limited to):


  • My go-to method to get me in the present in an instant.

  • How to tune into your contract for this lifetime, so you can make some sense of who you are.

  • Ways to shift your mindset to get your energy working behind the scenes.

  • What the symptoms of life look like for YOU, aka, those discomforts that exist from just living, so you know what to do about them.

  • How to tell the difference between your intuition and your imagination, your instinct, your thoughts, your fears, and your senses.

  • The physical and spiritual energy fields that exist and how to utilize them.

  • Ways to develop your clair-abilities so you can communicate with your spirit guides in any way.

  • The power that exists between your mind and body and how to witness this magic for yourself.

  • The cues that you've got a karmic relationship on your hands and what the heck to do about it.

  • How to rid yourself of "shoulds," "rights," and "wrongs," creating space to allow abundance to flow throughout your life.

  • The ultimate Dream Toolkit including all of the necessary tools to unlock the answers to ALL of your questions through the dreams you're already having.


- A weekly card pull, texted or emailed out, personalized for you.


- Guidance.  Each week we will progress through identity introduction, exploration, healing, and practice, leading you to a place where you know WHO you are, WHERE you've been, and where the heel you're GOING.   


- Access to my private, video archive of all previous live streaming broadcasts.  These are updated regularly and include:


  • The 7-Day Chakra Cleanse, along with the downloadable audio of each guided visualization.

  • The Plug Your Power Leaks Challenge so you can take your power back and put it to good use.

  • How to Make the Most of Your Dreams in 3 Nights Flat, unlocking their infinite magic.

  • My all-time, favorite mindset practice that's versatile, easy, and gets RESULTS. 

- Access to my newsletter, where I share stories, insights, and special offers.


- Private Facebook access to Hello, Badass! group, where you can get extra support from a community of other one-of-a-kind people, ask questions, and share those ah-ha moments.

/// Here's what some are saying...

I had the privilege of working with Kelly one-on-one (in person because we live in the same city), and it was an amazing and empowering experience.  I came to Kelly while feeling very indecisive about a particular issue in my life ~ namely, whether or not to devote the next month of my life to writing.  She helped me gain so much clarity around it, that I decided toward the end of the session to devote this next month to writing.  Immediately I found myself taking the next bold step in my writing career.


Kelly posed thoughtful questions and she didn't push me in any direction - she encouraged me to tap into my intuition further to find the answers.  If you are thinking about working with Kelly, I can't recommend her enough.  She is very intuitive, authentic, a great listener, and in touch with her own soul - living what she teaches.  She will help bring those qualities out in you too.


~Kate Pinkett, Author and Life Coach

If you are wanting to live the life you've imagined and desire, it is ABSOLUTELY possible and WAY more likely to achieve when working with a coach.  If you've already decided you want to work with a coach, please keep in mind that the person who is coaching you on such a personal and important subject (aka, YOUR LIFE) should be someone who you can trust to have your best interest in mind.


I've known Kelly for years and she is one of the hardest working people I know, pays very close attention to detail, and is a natural problem solver.  Not only is she keenly aware of what needs to be done to reach your goals, she can also easily identify potential problems or set-backs and knows what needs to be done to fix them.  Kelly is highly intuitive, intelligent, and genuinely has a passion for helping others.  If anyone is considering a person to trust in terms of improving your life, I strongly advise working with Kelly if you:


a. want some who actually cares 

b. want results that STICK 

c. want it done right!    


~ Alice Judkins, Makeup Artist and Nursing Student

When I started talking to Kelly I was a severely depressed, anxious, ball of pessimistic, negative energy. Everyday I wondered how I'd get through, contemplating (what I thought was) the inevitable. I was just waiting for something else to go wrong so I could end it all. 

But then we crossed paths. I was very skeptical at first, but I think the universe understood that this was something I couldn't walk away from. I made the final step to talk to her.

I was so surprised when I found myself spilling everything into her lap, without hesitation. She was the easiest person to talk to, patient and gentle. She helped me understand myself, she helped me find the answers I needed in myself. I got to know my spirit and soul. Working with Kelly Curtis saved my life and I'll stand from the mountain tops and scream it until my chest caves in! I'm thankful everyday, and I'll forever implement what she's taught me into my life. Kelly is truly remarkable.


~ Sabrina Herrera, Veterinarian Student & Animal Hospital Staffer

I LOVED the chakra cleanse!  It was such a great "Chakra Cleansing 101" for someone like me who's always been a little overwhelmed/mystified by the concept.


The guided visualizations were great and I can see myself going back to them again and again. 


Kelly's super-soothing voice and presence were such a nice way to start the day! I definitely felt lighter and more in-tune with myself, and it's inspired me to do more work in the future.  


~ Tess Rafferty, Life Coach 

Kelly has a unique way of giving you peace and the perfect restart button for your day and life if you're willing to take the tools and knowledge into yourself fully.  Even though I've been in spiritual practice for a long time, I needed additional attention to bring myself to the next level.


It's not just the pure knowledge mixed up with the background of psychology, but how she speaks and shares her energy that is pure Gold!  She's strong, wise, charismatic and super fun!  So, If you're knocked down by the full moon around eclipses or even if you're simply feel anxious of making the next step in your life or business, I would highly recommend to try it out.


You'll know if it's for you in no time, so just give it a try.  If it feels right, expect the unexpected and prepared to be amazed! 


- Karolina Sereikaite, Visual Designer and Artist