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The full-on Intuitionship experience to give you the most impactful and personalized, life changing journey.

The One-on-One Intuitionship journey is for those who want to explore what each module looks like in their life, in their experience, and on their unique channel. This route will shine the most light onto your intuitive identity, while giving you the personalized attention a deep transformation requires. This option is for those who are ready to fully embody their channel and let it run the show, while surrendering to the gifts waiting to be unleashed.
There is a limited number of seats available in a One-on-One Intuitionship, so while you can start at any time, a consultation with Kelly is required to get started in order to ensure that this option is the best one for you and there is an opening in the One-on-One Intuitionship. 
The One-on-One Intuitionship Includes:
  • Live one-on-one calls with Kelly every other week, focusing in on the main topic of each module and how it comes into play for you personally.
  • Recorded calls and customized tools, tips, and techniques to deepen your experience.
  • Each module's guided visualization emailed during "off" weeks, so you can embody your understanding and have a complete collection of meditations to use moving forward.
  • A bonus email for every module with a specifically tailored card spread to put your insight into action.
  • Access to the Intuitionship Community on Facebook where you can have full-time access to Kelly and all of the other intuitive souls journeying through an Intuitionship.
  • A FREE GIFT from Kelly to use throughout your Intuitionship and flex your new intuitive skills. 
  • Access to additional 1:1 sessions with Kelly at a rate only available to those in an Intuitionship. 
The full, One-on-One Intuitionship experience is:

a simple one-time payment of $2222,

or 5 monthly payments of $444.40.


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