There's nothing wrong with wanting to be loved and choosing to forgive, accept, and connect with other people. The Heart Chakra is a powerful force, creating a vessel for inspiration. It is critical for your spiritual journey so that you can heal yourself and others with zero effort. This video includes a guided visualization exercise that will release negative energy that's holding you back, leaving you with inner peace and shattering the illusion of separateness.


In this video, I’m sharing:

  • The signs and symptoms that show up when your Heart Chakra is blocked so you can recognize which areas need your attention most.
  • The “How’s” and “Why’s” behind Heart Chakra blockages and what the heck to do about them.
  • A guided visualization exercise tailored to opening up your Heart Chakra and creating inspiration, overall healing, and a sense of positivity in your life.


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Heart Chakra Cleanse Video

  • This video is one day of the entire 7-Day Chakra Cleanse series and will take approximately 30 minutes to view. It includes a guided visualization to help you clear out and clean up your Heart Chakra.


    If you purchase the entire 7-Day Chakra Cleanse video series at once, you will receive a cost equivalent to getting 2 videos free. Check out the 7-Day Chakra Cleanse for more info.