Without our root chakra we would be floating all over the place, physically, emotionally, and mentally drifting about our lives. This Root Chakra Cleanse lays the groundwork for sweeping energetic shifts and leaves you feeling focused, and comfortable in asking for support. This video includes a guided visualization exercise to release the barriers blocking up your spiritual anchor.


In this video, I’m sharing:

  • The signs and symptoms that show up when your Root Chakra is blocked so you can recognize which areas need your attention most.
  • The “How’s” and “Why’s” behind Root Chakra blockages and what the heck to do about them.
  • A guided visualization exercise tailored to opening up your Root Chakra and creating stability, confidence, and a sense of safety in your life.


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Root Chakra Cleanse Video

  • This video is one day of the entire 7-Day Chakra Cleanse series and will take approximately 30 minutes to view. It includes a guided visualization to help you clear out and clean up your Root Chakra.


    If you purchase the entire 7-Day Chakra Cleanse video series at once, you will receive a cost equivalent to getting 2 videos free. Check out the 7-Day Chakra Cleanse for more info.