This 10 minute guided visualization is designed to open up and heal your Sacral Chakra, giving you fun, a sense of purpose, and balancing out your child level karma. 



Sacral Chakra Cleanse Guided Visualization

  • This audio track is part of the 7-Day Chakra Cleanse and appears in the Sacral Chakra Video. The Sacral Chakra Guided Visualization will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. 


    If you're looking to learn more about the Sacral Chakra, check out the Sacral Chakra Cleanse Video where I share: 

    • The signs and symptoms that show up when your Sacral Chakra is blocked so you can recognize which areas need your attention most.
    • The “How’s” and “Why’s” behind Sacral Chakra blockages and what the heck to do about them.
    • A guided visualization exercise tailored to opening up your Sacral Chakra and increasing fun, creativiey, and a sense of pleasure in your life.