Subconscious Spring Cleaning Workshop Houston

This gives you access to all of the confirmation, insight, and answers of each module, but on your terms!

A digital version of your Intuitionship journey.

The Self-Study Intuitionship is a 5 month, digitally guided way to experience all the pieces that make up your intuitive puzzle, both internally and externally with your Spirit Team.
This option is for someone who wants to experience an Intuitionship, but with total freedom. Each module is delivered to your inbox every other week, which includes a video from Kelly covering each topic. You will then receive the guided visualization and a card  spread tailored to each topic to put what you've embodied into action, during the "off weeks," allowing you to flow through the Intuitionship journey on your schedule. 
Each module will include:
  • A new Intuitionship video to take you through the module content, any associated assessments, and what your results mean about you and your intuitive identity.
  • A guided visualization recorded by Kelly to take your new discovery, embody it, and deepen your intuitive understanding.
  • A bonus email with an additional exercise geared to put your insight into action, allowing you to flex your intuitive muscle and mastery. 
You'll also get access to the INTUITIONSHIP COMMUNITY on Facebook, so you don't have to be journeying through all by your lonesome. This is where you'll get access to me and the other intuitive souls on an Intuitionship, be able to ask questions, get confirmation and all the acknowledgement you and your Team craves.
You also get a SPECIAL GIFT, one of Kelly's favorite tools she uses to get maximum guidance in her day-to-day life.  
The Self-Study Intuitionship is: 

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a simple one-time payment of $444,

or 5 monthly payments of $88.80