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Your Spirit Guides await!

What I do isn't anything special...

The same guides that allow me to get clear messages, have the peace of mind that comes with moments of slap-me-in-the-face confirmation, and extend this understanding with clients, are the SAME guides that are around you, 24/7, telling you what decisions to make, who to make contact with, and how to get exactly where you want to be.

If the idea of having spirit guides lingering around sounds a little crazy - or scary - then let me tell you, I’ve been working with them since I can remember and they are the key piece to how I personally communicate with the Universe.

Understanding my spirit guides and how they operate has not only deepened my own intuitive know-how, it’s something I’m deeply passionate about that helps me out in any and all places I need that extra insight.

The secret to tapping into the infinite support sitting there waiting for you is understanding how spirit guides behave and communicate so you don’t miss the signs right up in your face.


Often times, we miss these signs because we don’t have a clear picture on who it might actually be on the other side, trying to get our attention, as different guides will have different behaviors and communication styles.

Or, we avoid the topic entirely because we’re scared of what doors we might open or that we may be inviting in something not-so-pleasant to our lives.

Spirit guides are purely there to provide direction toward the life you were designed to have and be your point people, connecting you with the vast, powerful universe. 


Understanding your spirit guides is the first step in creating a deep intuitive appreciation of your purpose and potential and, since they’re just waiting in the wings in hopes you’ll call them into the game, you’re able to build that relationship in no time, even if you have zero prior experience.




That’s why I’m hosting a FREE online workshop to share with you what I know about Spirit Guides and their behavior.

In SG101, you’ll learn:

  • What Spirit Guides are, what they aren't, and how you can make contact with safety, curiosity, and most importantly, CONFIDENCE. 

  • How the classes of guides differ so you can distinguish exactly who it is you're connecting with, and can understand what signs to look for.

  • Tools and tricks I used to discover who my personal guides are, giving me confirmation that I always have the answers and support I need about anything, anywhere, at any time. 



Plus, super easy ways to start figuring out exactly who it is in your personal spirit squad so you can connect, ask, and receive the guidance waiting for you.

To make this workshop as accessible as possible, SG101 will be offered on 3 separate dates! 


All 3 workshop dates will cover the same content, so choose the ONE session below that fits into your schedule.

To make SG101 even juicer, I’m offering a PRIZE.


If you watch the workshop LIVE you will get a chance to WIN a special live raffle package valued at $145. This gift from me to one lucky live viewer will get the ball rolling towards a deep, meaningful relationship with his or her guides.

Join me for the live training and you’ll also have the opportunity to ask me anything and everything about spirit guides. As always, I’ll save plenty of time to answer your questions at the end of the workshop.



I know it can be tough to prioritize relationships that you literally can’t even see but if you do, it will create an access point for you to manifest whatever your heart’s desire.



Monday, October 23rd

11am EST / 8am PST


Tuesday, October 17th

4pm EST / 1pm PST



Thursday, October 19th

8pm EST / 5pm PST


"It makes me feel good knowing I have support that lets me ride a little bit higher. Sure, I’m a tough cookie and I’m not scared of being by myself, but it helps knowing that I’m not walking alone."

Anjie Tagalan

"I had such a big change from SG01, which included a major release. Now I'm walking through life better able to figure out what tomorrow should be. I'm more open in general and the workshop was far more informative than I ever could've imagined."

Tammy Francis

"Opening the lines of communication was a big value added for me and my Spirit Team. Didn't realize how much I was ignoring them until I started paying attention. I now take things slower and and if I do notice something I really embrace that experience instead of ignoring it.

The universe sent me this workshop!"

"I cannot even express to you the level of magic and confirmation and information that came through, affirming SO MUCH of the guidance and messages I've been getting. I have no words. This was seriously so magical."

Heather Allison

Jessica Roberts

stay tuned