Subconscious Spring Cleaning Workshop Houston

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Make a connection.

You were once part of the Universe...

Do you remember?

In the deepest depth of your soul, you are quite familiar with your path, your journey, and your destiny, and you also have formed the most intimate of relationships with your Spirit Guides. 

Do you remember who's there, supporting and guiding you along your way?


You're meant to be tapped into the guidance that's all around you, all the time.

It's in your nature to see beyond the veil of illusion and create whatever you want.

It's your destiny to evolve, not only yourself, but humanity and our world too.

You don't have to go it alone... In fact, you're never alone or isolated from the infinite knowledge, insight, understanding, and support our Spirit Guides provide.

Knowing all of the individual, personal ways I’ve built up my relationship with my Spirit Guides directly, the thing that took that communication to the next level WASN'T that one-on-one contact with my guides, but rather it was when I started talking about my guides with other people.

I want to give you an environment where you can start seeing the bigger picture that unfolds when we open ourselves up to the larger work our guides are doing, AND have the super impactful confirmation that only comes when you discover someone else can collaborate on and contribute to your experience.

That's where real trust gets built.

That's where the confirmation starts to get so bananas you just can't ignore it.

That's when your guides get extra excited because you're not just interacting with them, but you're also spreading their message and helping everyone see how the puzzle fits together.

Life doesn't have to be hard and your Spirit Guides are working their asses off trying to get your attention and take lighten your load - mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

If you're ready to know how to unlock all of the answers for your career, your love life, your future, your place and purpose in the world...


The Spirit Guide Communication Course is for you! 


Knowing who is on your spirit team, how they like to communicate with you, and opening yourself up to a higher force will leave you approaching life in a whole new way. 


You realize you can sit back, let your guides do most of the work behind the scenes, and stop running yourself rampant like a silly little human. 


Doesn't that sound like an easier way?


I want to help you unlock this intuitive insight inside of you.

To awaken your divine nature.

To connect you to the ends of the Universe.

And to help you see that we're all in this together.


The Spirit Guide Communication Course a 4 week, intuitive immersion course designed to build long lasting and trusting relationships with the Spirit Guides on your team.

"One billion percent has changed my life since meeting more and more of my Cosmic Team. In EVERY freaking way. I literally check-in all day, every day with my Team, and it's made all the difference in all parts of my life since I started doing so."

- Heather Allison

"It makes me feel good knowing I have support that lets me ride a little bit higher. Sure, I’m a tough cookie and I’m not scared of being by myself, but it helps knowing that I’m not walking alone."

- Anjie Tagalan


It's my mission to help you unlock these gifts within yourself and realize that Spirit Guides are the real deal.

And when we come together in this work, collectively, we not only do our part to raise the vibration of ourselves and the world, but the level of confirmation goes through the roof and you're able to witness how we each hold a piece to the larger, collective puzzle. Something that just doesn't happen when connecting with your Spirit Guides solo.

SGCC is an intuitive immersion course, lasting 4 weeks, taking you from dismal to divine. You get weekly, online classes hosted by Kelly, unlimited support between classes to help you maximize your budding Spirit Guide relationships, and the insight to uncover exactly who it is on your spirit team, and how they're communicating with you.

You will learn: 

  • How to distinguish between Spirit guidance, and input from other places - like your fear, ego, or logic. 

  • Understand which of the 7 categories of guides make up your personal team, how they communicate, and their agenda. 

  • The most effective ways to call on your personal Spirit Guide team and put them to work for you, lightening your load. 

  • A deeper understanding for your intuitive strengths and natural gifts so you're utilizing your wheelhouse, and creating more direct communication.

This course is for anyone who has a desire to make this type of meaningful, spiritual contact but needs a little guidance and a safe-feeling container to explore in. I want to show you how you can bring Spirit Guides into every area of your life without feeling crazy, weird, or vulnerable. This is an empowering process and there's nothing quite like witnessing you're part of a pretty powerful spiritual crew. 


The SGCC includes:


  • Weekly, live online classes hosted by Kelly.

  • A new SGCC module sent to your inbox weekly to prep you for our weekly class and take your Spirit Guide relationships deeper.

  • Audio exercises, practices, worksheets and visualizations to put your insight into action.

  • A personalized method to discover exactly which of the 7 categories of guides are on your team, and specific ways to learn their language. 

  • Replays of all the live classes so if you can't make it live, or want to work at your own pace, you have the freedom to play the lessons back.

  • Membership to the SGCC Facebook community where you can have access to me and get that extra support when questions come up or get some acknowledgement for the awesome intuitive wins you're going to experience. 

  • Access to one-on-one coaching at a rate only available to SGCC students.













You ready to change the way you approach life? 

​4 consecutive Mondays starting November 6th
8pm EST / 7pm CDT / 6pm MT / 5pm PST
Monday, November 6th 
Monday, November 13th 
Monday, November 20th 
Monday, November 27th


While SG101 was a single workshop on one evening, the Spirit Guide Communication Course is ALL FOUR WEEKS COLLECTIVELY.
The entire course starts on July 11th and runs for 4 consecutive weeks, with the last class on Tuesday, August 1st. 
Again, if you want to join in the course, but can't make the live class times, there will be a replay sent out after each class so you can approach SGCC as a self-study as well.