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Kelly leads a variety of workshops, both online and in-person, so you're able join in no matter where you are!

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Subconscious Spring Cleaning Workshop Houston

SEPTEMBER 30, 2017

2pm - 5:30pm

Next round starting in October 2017

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Subconscious Spring Cleaning Workshop Houston

Your Spirit Guides await!


If you think financial debt feels heavy, imagine how your karmic debt is weighing you down.
Repairing your karmic debt removes the biggest obstacles from life and heals on a soul-level, returning you to your natural state as your highest self.
Let's empower your soul. Click HERE for more details. 
Learn all the in's and out's of how your Spirit Guides communicate with you to steer you towards your best life. 
Understanding which types of guides are on your Spirit Team can give you the ultimate clarity and trust in your intuition & the comfort knowing you're never alone. 
Ready to start talking with your team? Click HERE for more details. 


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